Why hire Rigmec as a subcontractor?

We are prequalified thru the Achilles and Sellihca-systems

Lower your total personnel cost

Allow your company to have a stronger focus on core activities

Avoid the worries and hassle of frequent layoffs

A better overview of costs and income that allows for better liquidity and financial results

Avoid time-consuming and costly recruitment processes

Ability to take on larger projects than with the permanent staff

We take the whole responsibility for the workers. That includes amongst others hiring, payroll, social expenses, insurance and potential sick leave

Registered and approved by the Norwegian “Arbeidstilsynet” as a staffing agency

Rigmec AS takes HSEQ seriously

Rigmec AS emphasizes quality for a reasonable price

Rigmec AS has a goal of getting ISO certified during 2017

Rigmec AS pays our personnel in accordance with Norwegian norms and tariffs

Our employees are primarily Scandinavians

Rigmec AS actively tries to avoid social dumping

We are operative 24/7