Installation works

Crane operators G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8, G20F

Connections, welding and testing of fiber

Crane Mechanics

Winch operators

Winch supervisors


Rigger supervisors

Bridge Supervisors (various categories)

Company Rep.


Fiber technicians

Mechanics (we also have a workshop container which can be equipped according to need)

Hydraulical operators

Multi-discipline personnel

Bolt tensioning operators


Sheet Workers


Help workers

We have in-house capacity to complete most types of production and prefabrication tasks in accordance with current standards

Personnel for construction supervision within crane/lift

B1 competent person approved by NMD (NMA Norwegian Maritime Authority)

API Crane inspectors

Enterprise of competence S1 for crane & lifting appliances

Lloyds Register approval controls, rep, maintenance and testing of lifting devices

Monitoring of production, load out and installation of offshore subsea components such as power cables, umbilicals and mooring lines

NEW! Thermal imaging device

We are letting our customers take the safety regarding «man overboard» even one more step forward, by offering rental of handheld thermal cameras.

The top model is so powerful that a person can be detected at distances up to 1800 meters, even in complete darkness.

Winches for most purposes SWL from 0,15 – 250 tons pull force available for sale/hire

Subsea winches

HPU hydraulic power unit/hire

Wire spooling device, various sizes

RLM running line monitor

Cranes of various types ranging from 10 – 100TM available for sale/hire

Swivel Hooks and Sheave blocks Hooks for cranes

Wire lubrication device


Steel weights/clump weights

Steel weights/clump weights


Air Hoist

Manual hoist

Lifting equipment


Compressors 3-48 m3

Breathing Air Compressors

Air Driers / Heaters

Steam generators

Power Generators

High-Pressure Hot Water Cleaners

Equipment / tool container

Rigging container

Hytorc HP hydraulic pump, air powered

ITH HP hydraulic pump, air powered

Heavy duty socket set

Manual and hydraulic Torqueing tools

Nitrogen filling adapter

Hydac hydraulic analyzer

Hyd. Oil filter unit

Inspection camera

Adash vibration measure tool

Induction heater for bearings





Drill machine magnetic, el

Tentec tensioner

Fall arrest equipment

Core drill machine for concrete, el

Concrete cutter machine, gasoline

Metal cutter machine, el



Hydraulic press for bearing works etc

We can complete most types of production and prefabrication in accordance to current standards in conjunction with our partners:

  • Carbon steel (Api 5L X-52 – AISI 4130)
  • Acid resistant 316L – S165M
  • Aluminium
  • Duplex


Qualified welders in accordance with:

  • NS-EN 287-1
  • NS-EN 287-2
  • NS-EN 288-3


In our team, we have some of the best specialists available in the areas of:

  • Buckling
  • Rolling
  • Laser/water cutting